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Veteran's Family of Brands!!

Posted by Walter Bourdage on

Hello All!!

I know it's been awhile since we've blogged here. Today our good friends announced a new movement in our industry, and it's a good one! One night a group of patriots got together and came up with an idea to help each others companies improve and grow. Looking around the room they realized they all brought a different part of the industry that we all use and were veteran based. So the culmination of ideas and purpose came together and they launched this new movement called, Veteran's Family of Brands, or VFOB for short. The idea came about knowing that a very large portion of the customer base in our industry is extremely Pro-Veteran, and if we were going to buy these types of products anyway, we might as well support the veteran's who are apart of this movement and their respective companies. The great thing is, these companies also support many veteran organizations and donate proceeds from the products that you buy from them to these said groups. Casey Betzold and his crew do a great job of also properly vetting these companies and organizations that are donated to, to keep from being apart of a false support group who's lining their the pockets and profiting off of false marketing. It's refreshing to see companies working hand-in-hand in this, when so many other industries are so cutthroat. That's what makes this group at VFOB so special, they're in it for all the right reasons and desire to bring great products to market, provide great services, and serve those who have already served US dearly!! So just know when your buying from us, your supporting them and many others!! Go check out the new site at www.veteransfob.com and check us and them out on Facebook. God Bless and good night!!


  Team AFA