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Rifle Ammunition

When it comes to rifle ammunition, American Freedom Ammo is the best source of superior rounds. We are proud of the rounds we offer. The rifle is a powerful precision instrument, and we are completely dedicated to supplying only the very best rifle ammunition on the market.

We offer grains from 50 to 300, and many different types of tips. Our V-Max bullets have polymer tips that will give you incredible accuracy at long ranges. Our FMJ-FN bullets will use their non-expanding, flat-nosed characteristics to take down any wild animals that may threaten you in the woods. On the other end of the spectrum, our Ballistic Tips offer incredible ballistic efficiency with their violent expansion. And you will not want to miss out on trying the Beowulf Xtreme Penetrator, an innovative new round that has twice the penetration of other expanding bullets. All of our rounds use flash-suppressed powder to preserve your vision in low light.

For customers wishing to get familiar with the world of rifle ammunition, there are two main families of rifle ammunition: rimfire and centerfire. Rimfire cartridges detonate when struck on the edge. They are usually smaller (.17s and .22s). They cannot be reloaded, but they are very affordable. Centerfire cartridges are more expensive, but they can be reloaded. They detonate when the back center primer is struck, and they are usually larger. Contact us with any questions you may have!

American Freedom Ammo is proud to be your source of high-quality rifle ammunition. Shop with us now!