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Pistol Ammo

At American Freedom Ammo, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best the ammunition industry has to offer. American ingenuity has created incredible bullets, and you will find great innovation and commitment to quality in our selection.

We carry a diverse selection of superior pistol ammunition. You can search by gun or browse freely. You will find a large variety of hollow point rounds, including grain-controlled fracturing, grain-bonded jacketed, hard-cast flat nose, full metal jacket, and the Xtreme Penetrator. The Xtreme Penetrator is designed by Lehigh Defense and precisely produced by Underwood Ammo. This solid copper round has a unique nose that gives it more than twice the penetration than other expanding bullets.

For any visitors who are new to pistol ammunition, it comes in two major families: self-defense and standard. If you are buying ammunition for self-defense, do not hesitate to spend the extra money it takes to get the very best quality. Hollow point bullets are usually a great choice for self defense, because they expand and stop within the body. Innocent bystanders are safer because the bullet is less likely to go through an attacker’s body and on to injure someone else. Standard ammunition, on the other hand, is great for target practice and will be less expensive than self-defense rounds.

At the end of the day, you need pistol ammunition that you can depend on whether you are using it for self-defense or target practice. American Freedom Ammo is proud to offer you the best reloading supplies. Explore our selection below!